Actos Bladder Cancer | Actos Recall

Actos Bladder Cancer is Subject of Another Lawsuit

Staff Writer | November 23rd, 2011

An Actos lawyer has filed a new Actos bladder cancer lawsuit, adding to the list of actions targeting diabetes drug manufacturers Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Co. In this latest Actos side effects lawsuit, plaintiffs Leslie and Dora McDonald, residents of Citrus County, Tennessee, seek compensation for medical and other costs brought about by Actos side effects. Despite the growing number of complaints from patients and their Actos lawyer, the FDA has yet to issue an Actos recall.

For more than a year, Leslie McDonald used Actos as prescribed for the maintenance of Type 2 diabetes, after which she alleges to have developed Actos bladder cancer. The defendants claim that her bladder cancer only appeared after she stopped taking Actos. McDonald and her Actos lawyer allege that the drug is defectively designed, and that because of the serious side effects associated with it, such as Actos bladder cancer, that the FDA should consider issuing an Actos recall.

Could high incidence of Actos bladder cancer lead to Actos recall?

A number of Actos users are consulting an Actos lawyer about the serious side effects allegedly caused by the drug, which caused some European countries to issue an Actos recall. Tests have been conducted showing a link between bladder cancer and prolonged use of Actos, although the Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Robert Spanheimer, claims that these studies do not significantly prove that Actos causes bladder cancer or any other form of cancer.  To date, the FDA has reported no plans for an Actos recall, despite the increasing number of injured patients filing Actos bladder cancer lawsuits across the country.

The FDA has taken steps, however, to warn the public against prolonged use of Actos. Using the diabetes drug for more than a year increases the risk of Actos bladder cancer, and the FDA has required that the manufacturers of Actos state this clearly in the drug’s warning label. The FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) are currently reviewing Actos bladder cancer risks. Both agencies have yet to provide a final judgment on the matter, though several European countries, including France, did go so far as to issue an Actos recall earlier this year.

Actos bladder cancer is a common complaint amongst plaintiffs

Most plaintiffs in cases brought by an Actos lawyer cite Actos bladder cancer as a side effect of the drug, but most disturbing might be their allegations of willful and malicious misinformation on the part of the drug’s manufacturers. According to plaintiffs, even if the FDA chooses not to issue an Actos recall, the drug makers must be held accountable for the damage, including Actos bladder cancer, caused by the drug. Plaintiffs further contend that manufacturers should be forced to adequately inform consumers and the medical community about the risks involved in Actos use.