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Actos Bladder Cancer Litigation Gains Momentum

Ryan Green | January 16th, 2012

The wheels of justice may be starting to spin for Actos bladder cancer victims. On January 4, 2012, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carl J. West granted a petition to coordinate several Actos bladder cancer cases filed in California. A few days earlier, eleven federal court lawsuits were joined in multidistrict litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

Meanwhile, an Actos bladder cancer class action gains traction in yet another Louisiana court.

Actos lawsuits claim manufacturer failed to warn of risks

The Actos lawsuits allege that the diabetes drug Actos increases a patient’s risk for developing bladder cancer and that Actos drug manufacturers failed to adequately warn consumers about that risk. Victims and their families seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income. Plaintiffs injured by the drug hope for Actos lawsuit settlements in substantial amounts similar to those won a few years ago in connection with another problematic diabetes drug, Avandia.

Growing awareness of Actos bladder cancer risk

Actos (pioglitazone) is one of a class of “TZD” drugs (thiazolidinediones) used to manage type-2 diabetes, a disease involving blood sugar irregularities that can lead to dehydration as well as kidney and heart problems. Unfortunately, studies show that taking Actos for an extended period of time can lead to an increased risk of developing Actos bladder cancer.

Patients at greatest risk are those who have taken the drug for over a year. Actos bladder cancer symptoms include frequent and painful urination, bloody urine and lower back pain.

Actos lawsuits follow government recognition of risk

Actos lawsuits follow a wave of actions in the United States and Europe giving official recognition to dangers associated with the diabetes drug. In the summer of 2011, France issued an Actos recall and Germany suspended sales of the drug after learning it was linked with increased bladder cancer risk. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also issued a safety announcement acknowledging the risk of Actos bladder cancer.

Victims seek compensation from Actos lawsuit settlements

Now that government agencies have spoken, the courts may follow. Because Actos lawsuits are still in the beginning stages it is not clear what amount of compensation a victim can expect to recover in an Actos lawsuit settlement. But it is worth noting that litigation over another TZD diabetes drug, Avandia, resulted in billions of dollars in damages. Also known as rosiglitazone, Avandia was found to present an increased risk of heart attack.