Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit | Actos Heart Failure

New Actos Bladder Cancer Suit Filed in Illinois

Staff Writer | April 5th, 2012

On March 26, 2012, plaintiff Lee Struble filed an Actos bladder cancer lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals US, the company that manufactures the controversial diabetes drug. In the lawsuit, Struble’s Actos lawyer alleges that the plaintiff was prescribed Actos for his type II diabetes and developed bladder cancer after taking the drug for two years.

According to the Actos bladder cancer lawsuit, filed in Cook County, Illinois, Takeda and its partner Eli Lilly & Co. marketed Actos as a safe and reliable drug despite strong evidence linking Actos to bladder cancer and other side effects, such as Actos heart failure.

Manufacturer was negligent and careless, says Actos lawyer

Struble’s Actos lawyer calls Takeda and Lilly negligent and careless for manufacturing and marketing Actos with full knowledge of “a demonstrated higher percentage of bladder cancer cases in patients receiving Actos versus comparators.”

The Actos lawsuit also notes that although the drug was banned by the European Medical Agency and recalled in Germany and France, Takeda has neglected to issue an Actos recall in the United States and continues to market it in spite of proven evidence of Actos heart failure and bladder cancer.

Actos heart failure leads to lawsuits

In 2007, the FDA issued a warning about the significant risk of Actos heart failure. In 2010, a former Takeda employee filed a lawsuit claiming that the company failed to properly report hundreds of cases of Actos heart failure to the FDA.

Company hid side effects, says Actos lawyer

Many lawsuits have been filed with similar allegations against Takeda, claiming that the company concealed the results of studies that showed a link between Actos and bladder cancer.

In another Actos lawsuit filed in Cook County on March 2, 2012, the Actos lawyer for plaintiff Marlene Chambers accuses Takeda of deliberately downplaying the results of safety studies so they could continue to market the drug that brought in millions of dollars in profits.

Actos bladder cancer lawsuit filings grow

In California, hundreds of Actos bladder cancer lawsuit plaintiffs have had their cases consolidated under state court judge Carl West. Similarly, in Louisiana, lawsuits against Takeda have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in federal court under Judge Rebecca Doherty. Judge Doherty issued orders for proceedings to begin on January 23, 2012.

According to Struble’s Actos bladder cancer lawsuit, debilitating conditions such as cancer or Actos heart failure lead to physical injury, mental distress, decreased quality of life, and high medical costs.