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Actos Lawyers Claim Vague Warnings, Improper Testing of Diabetes Drug

Whitney Taylor | May 8th, 2012

A recent Actos cancer lawsuit filed in the Superior Court, Los Angeles County, alleges that the manufacturer of the diabetes drug, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, failed to conduct proper testing on their drug before placing it on the market. The lawsuit also alleges that Takeda offered vague warnings about the risk of Actos side effects on the product label, which did not clearly identify the link between long-term Actos use and bladder cancer.

Actos bladder cancer lawsuit filed in Los Angeles

This lawsuit was filed by Actos lawyers in the Los Angeles court on April 30, 2012. The plaintiff, Michael E. Whitaker, took Actos to treat type II diabetes, as prescribed by his physician. As a result, Whitaker developed one of the most serious Actos side effects associated with the drug – bladder cancer. Whitaker claims in his complaint that he was unaware of the risks of bladder cancer when he began taking the drug, since product labeling included warnings that were “vague, incomplete and otherwise inadequate.”

This Actos bladder cancer lawsuit claims that Takeda should have known about the risks associated with the drug long before the it was introduced on the market. Pre-clinical trials of Actos, including animal evidence, showed a definitive link between use of the drug and bladder cancer. Despite these findings, Actos lawyers representing Whitaker state that Takeda failed to perform adequate testing on their drug prior to completing a New Drug Application.

Shortly after the drug was approved by the FDA in 1999 to treat type II diabetes, human clinical trials also showed a link between Actos use and bladder cancer. Despite that evidence, Actos lawyers claim that Takeda continued to market their drug, without disclosing the specific risk or stating that the company had not performed proper testing on the drug. It was not until 2011 that European drug agencies and the FDA began to recognize the dangerous Actos side effects and issue warnings to that effect.

Actos cancer causes ongoing medical problems for plaintiff

As a result of his Actos cancer, Whitaker states in his complaint that he continues to suffer from “personal injuries, pain, suffering and mental anguish.” He also asserts that he has suffered from loss of income, both present and future. His spouse, Pat Whitaker, is also listed as a plaintiff on the lawsuit, claiming she has suffered loss of consortium as a result of her husband’s injuries.

The Whitakers are seeking a number of damages against Takeda, including compensatory and punitive damages, injunctive relief, medical expenses and costs. The current status of this Actos bladder cancer lawsuit is pending.