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Three Plaintiffs Seek Relief in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Actos Manufacturer

Sarah Klein | June 25th, 2012

In another Actos cancer lawsuit, three plaintiffs are seeking damages on behalf of their deceased mother, whom they claim died from bladder cancer complications after she ingested diabetes drug Actos for a prolonged period of time.

In 2004, the decedent’s doctor prescribed her Actos to help improve her blood sugar levels, which were in flux as a result of Type II diabetes. She took the drug regularly for several years, until she was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2007. The plaintiffs, her three sons, allege that her ingestion of Actos caused the bladder cancer that ultimately claimed her life.

Actos bladder cancer lawsuit

The plaintiffs’ Actos lawyer claims that the defendants failed to adequately inform consumers and the prescribing medical community about the association between ingestion of the drug for a duration longer than 12 months and risks of bladder cancer. Actos is one of defendant Takeda Pharmaceutical’s best-selling drugs, bringing in $4.8 billion in revenue for the company in 2011.

In the complaint, the plaintiffs state that the decedent suffered severe pain and suffering due to the cancer, and that they have sustained permanent injuries as well as economic loss due to medical expenses and living expenses associated with the decedent’s death. They assert that the plaintiff would not have taken the drug had she known of the drug’s defect in design and the propensity to cause bladder cancer.

Actos lawyer cites FDA warning

Consumers across the country have issued complaints against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for complications associated with the drug. Of those seeking relief, many have enlisted the help of an Actos lawyer to help them through the process.

This Actos cancer lawsuit, which was filed in the Superior Court of California on June 15, 2012, joins numerous other cases, such as a class action suit in the Eastern District of Louisiana, as well as several federal cases currently tagged for multidistrict litigation in the Western District of Louisiana.

On June 15, 2011, the FDA issued a Safety Announcement stating that use of Actos for more than one year may be linked to an increased chance of bladder cancer. In France, the government has already issued an Actos recall.