Compensation Actos Side Effects | Actos Lawsuit Settlements

How much will I be compensated for Actos side effects?

Actos lawsuits vary with individual experience.

No clearly defined rule exists that can guarantee the amount of money any particular claim is worth in damages.  Too many variables exist such as age, pre-existing health conditions, and severity of  the claimed injury that sets each plaintiff’s claim distinctly apart.   In other words, each lawsuit is as unique as the person filing.

However, Actos lawsuit settlements and jury verdicts will be evaluated according to common criteria that help parties and juries understand the relative value for cases involved in the litigation.

Actos lawsuit settlement factors include:

    • Diagnosis
      • Actos bladder cancer
      • Heart failure
      • Limb Fracture
      • Other diagnosis
    • Expenses
      • Medical bills (past and future)
      • Out of pocket expenses
    • Impact on livelihood
      • Lost wages
      • Lost ability to earn a living
    • Pain and suffering

Many Actos lawsuits are still in the early stages of litigation. There have been no bellwether trials or other public announcements made with regard to settlements, leaving little indication of what lies in store for many who wish to be compensated for Actos injuries.

While Avandia, another TZD drug, reportedly yielded several billion in damages, a similar award for Actos is simply too speculative at this point. The Actos laywer handling an individual’s lawsuit is best situated to estimate the value of a given case in light of that person’s circumstances.